RC Flight Controller for aeroflyRC

RC Flight Controller (without jewelry box)

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Original IKARUS RC Flight Controller with USB plug for flight simulator aeroflyRC

Mode 2 (Throttle on the left).
Conversion to Mode 1 (Throttle on the right) is possible. 
See manual how to do.

Plug in this commander via a free USB port. This controller is usable for the aeroflyRC download version and also for the DVD version!

The only difference between #3036012 and #3036012.lose is a shipping without the jewelry box. Therefore, this item is also only available in limited quantities.

This commander is offering, besides the main functions one switch and one proportional channel.
You may operate retracts, flaps etc. with these additional channels at your controller.

Fly all models of the aeroflyRC with this commander, feels like real.

Note: This Commander isn`t usable for the former Flight Simulators aerofly Professional or aerofly5.