Motor Pinion 20 t, 5 mm

Motor Pinion 20 t, 5 mm

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To adapt the motor to the best performance level possible, we are offering a variety of 14 different gear ratios giving the opportunity to use motors from 8,000 to 24,000 rpm to achieve rotorhead speeds from 1,100 rpm (relaxed flying) to 1,600 rpm (aerobatics).
A bigger pinion results in higher mainrotor revolutions.

Take a small pinion for a high rpm motor.

An overview on several combinations of motors and pinions is given on the motor page. The pinions with 3,2mm ID are matching the shafts of sports, performance
and power motors as well as other motors of the 540-class, 5 mm ID pinions are for H8/H16 and other brushless motors.