Li-Po Batterie Pi-nuke 3700mA 4S


79,00 €

inkl. MwSt (19%)

Pi -nuke Batteries

With the new Pi-nuke Li-Po batteries IKARUS is offering a wide range of high quality RC hobby batteries for highest demands. Whether you fly Shockflyers or slow flyers, novice or high end helicopters, aerobatic planes or electric gliders, we are offering the perfect power supply for all RC applications of your favorite hobby.


The new Pi-nuke Li-Po batteries will convince you in many ways. The batteries are partially outfitted with the new UBS protection (Undervoltage Battery System). With this unique feature the batteries are deep dischargeable and are offering therefore trouble free handling. The outstanding features of the Pi -nuke Li-Po batteries are longevity without power loss, many charge cycles, high voltage and capacity.

All batteries are featuring balance connectors.


* UBS = deep dischargeable