USB-Interface für den aeroflyRC7 (evtl. ist ein Adapter erforderlich)

USB interface for aeroflyRC7

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USB Interface for your own radio

  • Ready with sum signal connecter
  • Ready for the IKARUS single-line converter and wireless flying
  • Depending on radio an additional adapter is required ( #31036 or #31047)

Delivery content:
USB interface with cable and 3.5 mm jack. 
Please note that the package and color of the stick can be different.

Simply connect this USB interface to a free USB port. It will be automatically recognized by your computer and can be used for the download version and also the DVD version of the aeroflyRC7. It transmits all control functions to the computer. It also transmits all special features like retractable landing gear and flaps. With this USB interface you will fly all aeroflyRC7 models with your own radio.