USB-Interfaceset for PPM (HoTT/Jeti/Core)

USB-Interfaceset for PPM (HoTT/Jeti/Core)

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 USB-HoTT-Interfaceset for aeroflyRC

  • Compatible with Win 7/8/10/11 and any actual macOS
  • Ready to connect a Graupner-HoTT receiver with sum signal (Sum-0)
  • Ready to connect a JETI receiver with PPM
  • Ready to connect a Powerbox CORE receiver with PPM
  • No additional adapter required


Usable receivers:  Flying by this way you`ll need a receiver with analog sum signal (GR-12) or GR-16 (where you set up an analog signal). The receivers GR-12L or e.g. GR-12S have no analog sum signal and can not be used. Check the receivers manual to get more infos about the type of sum signal.

Delivery content: USB interface with patchcable

Connection: Simply connect this USB interface via patch cable to your Graupner HoTT receiver with sum signal and fly wireless!