Plug&Play-Interfaceset for HoTT (inkl.Gr-12)

#3031081 Plug&Play USB-Interfaceset with ready programmed Gr-12 HoTT

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Plug&Play USB-HoTT-Interfaceset for aeroflyRC

Complete with 6 channel HoTT receiver GR-12!

Ready to run!

  • Compatible with Win 7/8/10/11 and any actual macOS
  • Complete set for your own Graupner/HoTT radio
  • Inclusive ready programed Gr-12 HoTT receiver
  • Ready to run
  • Perfect usable for wireless flying
  • Perfect for all users without an own progbox
  • Perfect for all users looking for a Plug&Play-Set
  • No addional accessories required. You only need your 2.4 GHz Graupner HoTT radio
  • Control by 6 channels Rudder, elevator, aileron, throttle and also retracts flaps and one more function!
  • The receiver is also usable in a RC model


Delivery content:

  • USB-Interface for aeroflyRC
  • ready programmed receiver Gr-12
  • Cable

Connect the USB interface set to a free USB input on your computer. It will be automatically recognized by your computer and can be used for all download and DVD versions of aeroflyRC. The receiver is powered via the interface. All you have to do is bind the receiver to your transmitter.