Upgrade from aerofly5 to aeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE (Download for Windows)

Upgrade from aerofly5 to aeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE (Download for Windows)

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Upgrade for aerofly5-User (Windows)

All users of an aerofly5 flight simulator for Windows can now upgrade to the ULTIMATE version of aeroflyRC7 with over 200 models and more than 50 sceneries.

Add the upgrade to the cart and checkout. Close before payment you`ll see to the automatic upgrade check. Enter your existing aerofly5 product key from the aerofly5 DVD. The check takes only a few moments.

Then you can pay and you?ll get your new aeroflyRC7 product key immediately after payment receipt.

After payment receipt you`ll see the product-key and download link also at your customer account after login.

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