mz-12 PRO HoTT with Gr-12 and Interface

#3031200 mz-12 PRO HoTT with Gr-12 and Interface

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mz-12 PRO HoTT with receiver Gr-12 and interface

- ready programmed and configured  -

This offer is for all who are looking for a ready set up and programmed RC radio complete with an IKARUS USB interface and ready bound Graupner/HoTT receiver. You`ll receive a completely set up RC transmitter system, "Ready for aeroflyRC".

Set content

  • An original mz-12 PRO HoTT incl. 1500 mAh Lipo battery!
  • A Gr-12 HoTT receiver ready bounded to the transmitter
  • An IKARUS interface #3031020, all configured ready for use.
  • The Interface is compatible with Win 7/8/10/11 and any actual macOS
  • Instructions for setting up in your aeroflyRC
 Order infos!
Please name at the order form your control mode.
You can choose between throttle on the right (mode 1 or 3) or throttle on the left (mode 2 or 4).
The presettings

The transmitter is ready-to-use with a model memory "aeroflyRC
The transmitter is set up for you individually on Mode1 (throttle on the right) or Mode2 (throttle left) (mechanically and in the transmitter menu)
The receiver is programmed to Sum-0 and bound to the transmitter and tested.
The transmitter is  programmed with 4 channels for throttle, rudder, aileron and elevator 
2 switches for 2 special functions are ready programmed  (e.g. landing gear and flaps).

After receiving the set you only need to connect the interface to a free USB input on your PC or Mac, start the aeroflyRC and search for a "New controllert" via the main menu. Then just follow the instructions of the easySetup for transmitter calibration.

You do not need an extra charger for this transmitter!
You can charge the transmitter with the enclosed USB charging cable to a 4.2 V / 500 mA USB plug-in charger.

If you already have your own HoTT receiver and an IKARUS interface,
then you can also find the transmitter individually, also fully programmed, with article #3031201 here in the KARUS shop.