Infopage Customer Account

Our shop offers you a wealth of information and services to manage and monitor your
download purchases:


Login to your account:

Sign in to your account with your e -mail address and password that you specified at the first order and registration at our shop.


After logging into your account you will see this among other things:

  • Your addresses
  • History and details of your ordern
  • Your Product Keys


History and details of your orders:

In this part of your account you will see the details of your orders, such as date , order no. and method of payment. Immediately after payment, you may download the invoice as a PDF file to print .


How to restore a download:

If you purchased a download product via the shop you can resotore your download by clicking on "details" at the end of the order line. A dropdown will open below providing the installer once again.


Your Product Keys:

In this part of your customer account, you will first see a list of all the products you have purchased as a download with Product Key. Click in this overview on "Details" to view the product key and download link.
In this part of your customer account you will always find an accurate product list with archived product keys you purchased at our shop.