Set: aeroflyRC10 with Interface for sum signal (HoTT/Jeti/Core)
  • Set: aeroflyRC10 with Interface for sum signal (HoTT/Jeti/Core)

Set: aeroflyRC10 with Interface for sum signal (HoTT/Jeti/Core)

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NEW:  aeroflyRC10

The  aeroflyRC10  comes as a completely new aeroflyRC model flight simulator.

With more than 300 models and 60 sceneries
NEW: Vertical takeoff
NEW:  Illuminated night flying models
NEW:  Illuminated sceneries
NEW:  Ski models
NEW:  Winter scenery
NEW:  Fat radial engine sound
NEW:  New 4T and electric sounds on over 100 models
NEW:  Selectable drives on many models
NEW:  More FES vintage gliders
NEW:  Simplified menu navigation

The aeroflyRC10   is our completely new No. 1.
As with the aeroflyRC9, everything is again included that makes the model flying heart beat faster!

  • 4D acro models with reverse thrust
  • normal mode for PC-Monitor
  • 3D mode for VR-Headsets (Virtual Reality)
  • FPV-Parcours for multi copter
  • Racetrack for all models
  • All models are instantly scalable
  • Adjustable stall range at many models
  • Auto gyros, motor trikes, retractable glider engine, Flettner roto wing
  • Helis, Jets, Multi copter, Aerobatic, Glider Scale models, sea pleanes, True-Scale-Models
  • Super real reflections and water effects, super real dynamic effects
  • For all IKARUS-RC FlightController or USB-Interfaces

This product is a set with the content:

  • aeroflyRC10 on DVD for Windows
  • USB Interface
  • Patch cable for connecting your own receiver.

The USB interface and the receiver will be powered from the PC via the USB port. You do not need an extra battery for the receiver.
The USB interface can transfer up to 12 channels from the receiver to the PC. In aeroflyRC you can use all 4 control modes, even with throttle inverse (idle forward).

Recommended system requirements for Windows

  • 64-Bit Win 10/11
  • QuadCore 3,0 GHz
  • RAM 8 GB
  • Free Disc Space: 8 GB
  • 3D video card with 2 GB of RAM
  • Only for VR mode: video card with 4 GB, better 6 GB of RAM
  • The RC8 is optimized for Oculus Quest2 and HTC-Vive Headsets